“Summer Drinks”

My favorite thing about summer is the delicious drinks! This weekend I decided to make strawberry lemonade and regular lemonade for my family’s taco night! The drinks were a hit! I love making my lemonade homemade because I love all the fresh ingredients!
Recipe below! Enjoy 😉 ❤️
1. Strawberries: 1 Pint
2. Lemons: 6-8
3. Limes: 2-4
4. Sugar: 2-4 cups
5. Water: 2-4 cups
6. Mint
Making the strawberry lemonade mix is simple. Halve the strawberries and add them to a blender, along with the sugar and enough water so they blend easily. Juice your lemons into a bowl. Repeat these same steps to make the regular lemonade as well! You can also boil your water and sugar together which is also very easy and also blend your strawberries separate and then add it all together….
Strain the strawberry mixture and lemon juice… I like to strain it into a large bowl and then add it to a pitcher…. Top with water, stir, chill, and enjoy. Add some strawberries, lemon slices and limes if you wish…. Top it off with some mint for a refreshing taste!
Here’s some tweaks you can do if you want to shake this recipe up a bit:
  • Replace still water with sparkling water to add some fizz…
• You can also add some crushed ice (Sonics has the best) and also add sugar around the rim of the glass to serve to your guests!


“Parasailing in Florida”

Today’s Travel post is all about my parasailing adventure in Florida. We went to Pensacola Florida and we had such a great time.. We enjoyed the food, beaches, zoo and parasailing which was my absolute favorite… My parents were a bit scared of us parasailing and of course they didn’t do it lol! They eventually got over it and really enjoyed the boat ride! I can’t wait to try it again… Very cool experience!

The melting pot was a great restaurant to visit and we really loved it.. The fondue setup was so fun! The zoo was also very nice and feeding the giraffes was a bit scary at first but they were so sweet… You can even feed birds in a special bird cage area (very cool) I’ll be sharing a few pictures and videos below! Enjoy! ❤️

“Fashion Friday”

Today’s Fashion Friday Post is all about boutique summer style! I’ll be sharing a few pictures and outfits from my favorite online boutique: “Lilla Couture!” Be sure to shop with her for your latest fashion needs! Let’s get into these looks!
Shop these looks here: http://www.lillacouture.com and shoot her a message if it’s not on the site! She takes pre-orders etc! Shop with this awesome boutique!! Be sure to tell her I sent you!
Happy Fri~Yay Shopping!
Xoxo 😘❤️

“Breakfast on the go”

“Egg and Spinach Muffins”
We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but with such busy schedules we sometimes miss breakfast…
I have a very simple, delicious and quick recipe for the girl/guy on the go! It’s also healthy and can be made several different ways!
Check it out below:
Ingredients: 6-8 large eggs, spinach, turkey or ham from the deli section at your local grocery store, season to taste with salt and pepper…

1. I like to take all my ingredients and separate them into smaller bowls (cheese, spinach, eggs and ham) you can chop up everything that needs to be chopped before placing them into smaller bowls
2. Whisk together your eggs and add salt and pepper…
3. Combine all ingredients into a large bowl..
4. Spray your muffin pan with olive oil and align with baking cups.. Fill each baking cup up (using a spoon) making sure it doesn’t spill over..
5. Top each baking cup with additional cheese…
6. Bake for 20 minutes (350-400 degrees temp setting for the oven)……
7. Let them cool completely before taking them out of the baking cups….
8. Refrigerate any remaining in ziplock bags and warm them up the next day.. They remain fresh for up to a week.. Great meal prep recipe to try!
Enjoy! Xoxo!

“Welcome To Miami”

“Travel Tuesday”
Hello guys! I have an amazing travel Tuesday post to share on today! It’s all about my trip to Miami Florida! I throughly enjoyed the food, culture and the beach! Miami truly has some of the best food I’ve had! I ate my way through Miami and Little Havana…. I have a few pictures and videos to share with you guys of some really cool spots to explore and some great places to eat! Check it out below:
Great places to dine at:
1. La Carret: (Best Cuban food) This restaurant was my absolute favorite place to eat at.. They had the best Cuban food and I had some Cuban coffee for the first time and “OMG” is all I can say, it’s a must try! It’s located in “Little Havana” we ate here on our “Miami to the max tour”

2. Havana 1957: (Cuban Food) This restaurant had the best Cuban chicken and truffle fries ever! They gave us so much food and everything was delicious! This restaurant is right in south beach and it has outdoor seating like most restaurants in Miami…

3. Yardbird Southern Table & Bar: This was a nice restaurant and they had some really great desserts! We had Deep fried Nutella infused beignets with deep fried Oreos and ice cream so delicious! We also tried chicken and biscuits with a honey glazed sauce so good!
4. Finga Licking: DJ Khaled is making inroads as a budding restauranteur with the opening of his restaurant in Miami Gardens. Putting his “We the Best” stamp on the new eatery, DJ Khaled’s culinary venture is centered around comfort food, encompassing everything from lobster bites and chicken wings, to red velvet cake. This restaurant had a very long line but the food was worth the wait… We enjoyed our delicious food… Definitely a must try!
Miami to the max tour with lunch: This was my favorite tour ever and it included lunch and a dessert yum! Get to know the city of Miami in just four hours on this guided, comprehensive sightseeing tour. Enjoy walking tours of the Little Havana neighborhood, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach and the Wynwood Walls, while making six photo stops at unique locations. 
We had a great time kayaking on stars island and seeing celebrity mansions so cool! We also had a great time on the beach all day, and also fun day at the sea aquarium and I did an underwater sea encounter with: (mother sharks, sting rays, fish, eels etc) very cool! We had a great sea coach so we felt very safe! We got a chance to take pictures and videos underwater which was my fav!
We shopped and ate a ton! Awesome trip with so many great things to do! We also walked around domino park and saw people playing domino in action, it was mainly older guys playing… Our Airbnb was so chic and modern it’s called (Abae Hotel Miami) it had everything in it! Check them out and we loved the location very convenient to everything! Check out pictures and videos below:

“Just A Small Town Girl”

Wanted to do a fun blog post and share with you guys where I’m from and it’ll be really cool if you guys would comment and let me know where you’re from or name something your hometown is famous for! 😊 I’m from “drumroll please…….”
“Shaw Mississippi” (Hospitality State)
Yes, we do “wave and speak” to everyone… It’s just a southern thing (don’t be alarmed) No one is considered a stranger here and we have great manners (“Yes Ma’am and Yes Sir”) From Southern accents (some more southern than others) to some of the best southern food especially our “Catfish” its absolutely the best (Not up for debate lol)
I’m just a small town girl from: Shaw MS where everyone pretty much knows each other… I love the country it’s just so peaceful and very relaxing! Shaw is a city in Bolivar and Sunflower county, known as the “Delta Region.” The name was derived from an old Indian tribe northeast of this region. The population is about 2,000 people. Very small town with a big welcome! I was born here and lived here up until about first grade than I later moved to Jackson MS. I still visit my hometown quite often to visit family… I spent my childhood summers in Shaw each year and had the best time! The town is just so charming and family oriented… Another town that’s like ten minutes from Shaw is “Cleveland MS” I consider it my hometown as well… This is where everyone goes to shop, eat and hangout! Cleveland is a nice town I love to visit and my favorite restaurant is “Hey Joe’s” you definitely should check it out really good food and vibes! The GRAMMY museum is also a really cool spot to visit in Cleveland as well… Downtown Cleveland is so cute and charming and they have a ton of new spots that I got a chance to visit this past weekend and I enjoyed it… So many beautiful spots to enjoy some sunshine and take a nice afternoon stroll.. They have cute boutiques to shop at and nice places to enjoy some great southern food!
Enjoy😊 Don’t be a stranger! Come visit!